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Dieter Schrottmann

"Life is to be enjoyed and not endured."

Spa owner, Shiatsu healer, visionary and lover of life, Dieter Schrottmann packed his bags in 1977 and left his native Germany, turned in his last photography assignment and walked away from a career in advertising. For the next 14 years he lived in Boracay, then left for Northern California. He returned to Boracay nine years later, consumed by the vision of a sanctuary for the body and spirit on the island, which is Mandala Spa today. Mandala Spa reflects the philosophy and lifestyles of the owners,the same team that conceptualized the Kon-Tiki Floating Bar in 1985. Dieter also founded Health For The New Age, the company that pioneered in educating blind masseurs in Shiatsu in Manila.

Abbey Clariño

"Stop, breathe and be present."

As a graduate of UP Diliman, Asian Institute of Tourism with a degree in BS Tourism, Abbey moved to Boracay back in 2001 and was supposed to be a part of the first batch of Mandala Spa employees. But when the opportunity to travel and work abroad came, she decided to take it. 7 years later with gained maturity and experience, she finds herself back home in Boracay, working for Mandala Spa. Yoga, detox and spa treatments made available to employees are a few of the reasons why she believes that Mandala Spa is incomparable to any other company. Abbey is constantly inspired by the line: "Stop, breathe and be present." She says: "This reminds me to live in the present at all times, cherishing what life has to offer us at the exact moment."

Jove Schrottmann

"I am a part of all that I have met"

A Boracay resident after high school back in 2006, Jove first joined the Mandala family by trying his hand at all aspects of the business from front office agent to guest relations officer and as restaurant service staff. Inspired by his father's vision and legacy, he ventures out into the world by earning not one, but two degrees – International Hospitality Management specializing in Events Management and Tourism Management, finishing with Second Upper Class Honors with a Bachelors in International Events and Tourism Management at the prestigious IMI University Centre, in Luzern, Switzerland.

Armed with invaluable lessons from the international front, he returns with the greatest lesson of all, one that can only be learned with an open heart, which is that we all share the same path. As we learn from every encounter, we must give something of ourselves to each one. As Resort Manager since March 2011, he hopes to share the wellness institution's soulful healing touch, while inspiring others to live a better life.

Richell Sanez

"We can't plan life. All we can do is be available for it"

Richell is a licensed physical therapist from the De LaSalle University with a degree in B.S. Physical Therapy, with multiple certifications including a Professional Thai Massage Certificate at the Wat Po School, Thailand in 2008. Her career at the spa began since she moved to Boracay in 2005. Currently Richell plays a part in structuring the soon-to-come Mandala Spa Academy, an indication of Mandala's commitment and dedication to be the "change" for a better world. To see a Mandala Spa therapist achieve her career goals is a priceless perk of the job.

Mo-Ching Yip

"Yoga and healing arts go hand-in-hand. Both share the same philosophies and principles; both are a way of life for me."

Mandala Spa resident healer, therapist trainer and yoga instructor, Mo-Ching Yip is fondly considered Mandala's best-kept secret for her gift of bringing healing and an understanding of one's path towards self-realization. Born in Hong Kong, Mo-Ching attributes being naturally drawn to the healing arts to her Asian roots. She began practicing bodywork in 1990, specializing in Deep Tissue Neuromuscular Therapy, studied Aromatherapy, Cranial Sacral, Polarity and was Reiki-initiated. In 1993, Mo-Ching was certified in the US as a massage therapist, and as a certified herbalist in 1995 in New Mexico. She has been practicing different forms of yoga since 1982 and earned her teacher's training degree from Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Ashram in India in 2003.

Cris Cahilig

"It's not how many ideas you have its how many ideas you've made happen"

Cris belongs to one of the earliest families in Boracay and it is no wonder how much she prizes restoring the island's pristine beauty and the opportunity that Mandala Spa's environmental endeavour—The Treetment Project gives her. When Cris is not at her desk or scouting for tree planting sites to adopt for upcoming activities, she is an active member of Boracay Yuppies—a non-government organization based in Boracay composed of several young adult residents whose advocacy is preserving the island's heritage for generations to come.

Freida Dario

"Writing is half inspiration, half inhalation."

In 2004 Freida packed her bags and her sunglasses to join Mandala Spa and Villas to work as Marketing Manager. After three fruitful years she ventured off to share her expertise with the island as a freelance travel and lifestyle journalist and PR & Marketing consultant. Highly regarded for her craft, Freida is a correspondent and contributing writer for both local and international publications and maintains a growing network across Philippine shores and likewise in Manila. Simultaneously, Freida continues to be a supportive and active member of the local community to draw awareness to the island's allure, help uplift the island's service, living standards and its' inhabitants' quality of life.

Nicole Honasan

"Let your heart lead."

The three and a half years working experience at the resort has created a significant influence on Nicole who is now a certified teacher and a true enthusiast of yoga. Nicole had learned the art of Watsu from Mandala Spa and Villas' very own pioneer instructor Karen Neff. For Nicole, Watsu is a profound and deeply personal experience and that to be able to give it is quite a gift. Currently Nicole visit Mandala once a week to teach yoga to its employees.

Karen Villarica-Neff

"My ethos in life is to be the sea, to embrace all that is."

Through Mandala Spa, Karen recognizes that she is true to her ethos as she goes about her day: compassionate and nurturing characterize her style when giving Watsu and Reiki treatments as she surrounds you with loving energy. Karen's mission in life is to plant a seed of awareness through service with the hope that one day the seed will sprout, take root, and consequently create a better world.

Tom Neff

"The journey is the destination."

This is one of Tom's favorite quotes when spending time with friends or guests. As a former entrepreneur of a successful insurance company in California, Tom learned a lot about people and what is really important SERVICE. A Watsu practitioner, poet, philosopher and yoga teacher he believes that giving is living. "I get up each day and ask myself: how can I be of service today, whose life can I touch for the better?" Grateful and content, the highlight of his day is sitting and watching the Boracay sunset, counting his endless blessings

Louise Lee

"When life gets tight, breathe."

A Boracay resident since 1993, Louise is known as "the good spirit of the island". After earning a Bachelor's degree in Broadcast Communication Arts at the San Francisco State University, Louise sought out a Hatha Yoga ashram in India in 1999, continuing to practice it until today. In 2003, she pursued a teacher's training degree from the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Ashram in India where she returned in 2004 for the Advanced Teacher's Training. She has had the privilege of practicing Ashtanga Yoga in Mysore India with B.N.S. Iyengar and with David Swenson in 2004. Louise describes her yoga practice as "coming home". For her, personal yoga practice is the natural thing to do and teaching it, is following an inner calling.