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Healing Baths

This invigorating bath of freshly-prepared ginger extract, natural sea salts and rosemary oil draws stress by-products and toxins from the body while giving your skin a wonderful natural glow. It reduces the effects of long distance travel and helps the body recuperate from an excessive lifestyle. Not recommended for those with cardiovascular conditions, Epsom salt allergies or sunburned skin.

Ingredients: sea salts, Epsom salt, fresh ginger extract, rosemary oil, virgin coconut oil

Virgin coconut milk, coconut water, precious oils and hibiscus extract are lavishly poured into this soothing bath to create a luxurious, smooth, and age-defying tropical experience. Milky white, this hydrating coconut milk bath contains a bounty of organic nutrients that will leave your skin silky smooth and your spirit vitalized.

Ingredients: coconut milk, coconut water, coconut oil, hibiscus extract

Feel your skin being deeply moisturized and restored with this tropical skin cocktail of fresh aloe and cucumber extracts. This bath, rich in vitamins and collagen-restoring ingredients, works wonders on light sunburns and helps to preserve that bronze glow, while keeping the skin youthfully smooth. This bath is best taken lukewarm.

Ingredients: fresh aloe vera extract, cucumber juice, olive oil

Step into a sea of tropical flowers, precious oils and delicate enzymes, and be enchanted by this classic Asian Bath. This youthful experience gently oxygenates and rejuvenates your skin with fresh flower essences. This bath is a romantic experience for all ages.

Ingredients: floral potpourri, hibiscus extract, virgin coconut oil, lavender

It has been said that Marc Antony never knew what hit him. Cleopatra had the sails of her boat so heavily scented, that her arrival was detected long before her ship came into view. In honor of her wisdom and infinite charm, we created this luxurious bath. Not recommended for those allergic to milk or lactose intolerant.

Ingredients: milk, rose petals, rose oil, virgin coconut oil, all-spice, cinnamon, honey, and pearl powder

This delightful marine bath leaves the skin soft and aids in the reduction of cellulite and unwanted cell-tissue deposits. This seaweed bath balances overall health as it unlocks the miraculous therapeutic and nutritive properties of the ocean, allows them to be absorbed through the skin. Not recommended for those with thyroid imbalances and high blood pressure.

Ingredients: sea salts, marine extracts

One of the oldest forms of hydrotherapy, the Moor bath is still used today to alleviate a large variety of physical discomforts. It stimulates cell activity, boosts the immune system and helps relieve muscular pain. When used regularly, this bath revitalizes the skin and aids in reduction of cellulite. Not recommended for those with cardiovascular problems.

Ingredients: 100% moor contains a remarkable wealth of organic and inorganic substances, herbs, plants and flowers