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reikki treatment in mandala spa boracay Reiki promotes well-being physically, mentally and emotionally through the universal life force energy that is channeled by your Reiki Master through hands-on therapy. The word Reiki is Japanese and means Universal Life Force. During a Reiki session this Universal Life force is channeled through the therapist to the receiver. It has a calming and healing effect. Reiki is not a massage.

During the Reiki session the energy is channeled by gently placing the hands on energy points. Subtle stationary hand positions are placed on points of tension or injury. The therapist’s hands are usually fully extended, and palms are lightly applied to the affected area. 50 minutes.


exhale treatment in mandala spa boracayThe Exhale treatment is a “designer” treatment created by Mo-ching Yip, Mandala Spa & Villas’ consultant, therapist trainer and yoga instructor. Exhale is for those who would like to participate in their treatment and delve deeper into their healing process. This treatment takes you through a guided journey into the layers of your own self, where you access insight into your health and different areas in your life. Exhale is interactive between the giver and receiver. Mo-ching welcomes questions pertaining to your health and well being.

Exhale begins with a footbath, followed by a guided journey through the energy centers of your body called ‘chakras’. The back, head and neck, where energy centers are located, are massaged with your choice of deep tissue or light touch. The treatment ends with a floral bath that allows you time to relax and reflect on the treatment. 2 hours.