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Shodhana Karma

shodhana karma treatment in mandala spa boracay Inspired by the ancient Indian system of natural health care Ayurveda, this gentle 3-part ritual promotes healing and rejuvenation by removing environmental toxins from the body.

Part One.
Shodhana Karma starts with a traditional footbath and a Mandala Signature Massage using cold-pressed sesame oil, herbalized with Calamus root powder. The molecules of cold-pressed sesame oil are smaller than those of our red blood cells, so the oil is able to penetrate the blood stream, attract oil-soluble environmental toxins, and dislodge them consequently from body tissue. Calamus root powder improves energy and is said to be helpful during times of emotional exhaustion.

Part Two.
Following the massage is a sauna ritual (swedana), which integrates several sauna cycles, aromatherapy, and herbal tonics to further aid in the elimination of environmental pollutants from the body through perspiration. Through exposure to sauna heat, the immune system is stimulated and the endocrine glandular functions are regulated. Ginger is one of the main ingredients in the preparation of tonics used in this endeavor. The Rosemary oil used in the sauna water, on the other hand, has a stimulating and invigorating effect.

Part Three.
The treatment closes with the removal of the impurities through the Ubvartan springtime body scrub - a gentle exfoliation process, using only traditional Ayurvedic ingredients. The properties of the oil blend are chosen to balance the emotions and to restore mental and physical equilibrium. Sandalwood connects us to our soul, geranium is emotionally balancing, cardamom alleviates hypertension, and lemongrass is a kidney tonic. 2 hours and 30 minutes.


Lymph Drainage Massage

lymph drainage treatment in mandala spa boracay Our lymphatic system aids the body in eliminating waste by-products through delicate lymph vessels which can run beneath the skin. A very gentle form of massage which improves flow, leading the way to better health and vitality. 1 hour and 30 minutes.


Mandala Detox Day

detox treatment in mandala spa boracay The Mandala Detox Day is a simple, enjoyable and straightforward approach to better health and weight loss. Inspired by Dr. Richard Anderson's world famous detox diet, this 24-hour cleanse and rejuvenation plan expels toxins, boosts the immune system and indulges in world famous spa treatments. Anyone can do it - no matter where you are staying in Boracay.

Prepare Prior to the detox day, you will receive a personal health assessment at Mandala Spa. This includes nutrient counselling, a vital sign check, imported herbal supplements and a freshly prepared liver and gall-bladder flush to ease your body into the detox day proper. Our Psyllium husk shakes will prevent any hunger feelings and you can have as many as you like.

Expel Your next morning appointment at Mandala Spa includes wheatgrass juice, vegetable broth, fresh juices, optional yoga, and a picnic basket with plenty of hunger-killing Psyllium shakes. With the help of our imported herbal supplements, juices and tonics, your system will actively remove stored toxins from organs and cellular deposits and flush tthem into the blood stream as well as into the colon.

Eliminate This part addresses the internal elimination of waste products and toxins. Ideally taken in the late afternoon or early evening, the Lymph Drainage Massage is not only superior in removing waste through the lymph system but also indulges the sense with its gentle flow and touch while improving vital energy. A Colema is a manual colon irrigation in the privacy of a spa villa. Purifying and easily done, it expels the body's stored up wastes and toxins, completing your 24-hour healthy transformation inside and out.



  • During my stay for my 11 days Ultimate Detox program, I experienced healing, cleansing, refreshing & relaxing effects that exceeded my expectations. A magical rejuvenating experience for the whole body, mind & soul. To get a taste of peace, serenity, harmony, tranquillity & Lots of love… This is the Place to be.