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Learn with your personal yoga teacher, inhale tropical tranquility, enjoy daily massages and experience the gracious Filipino culture. Whether it's jump-starting your home practice or expanding your knowledge of postures, Mandala Spa is the leading yoga authority on the island of Boracay.

3 Days: Stretch and Relax
Learn relaxation and stress management techniques and connect with your body through gentle stretches. The warm tropical air and the guidance of your instructor will provide immediate benefits in the way you feel about yourself. Massages for you are an important part all yoga vacations, addressing posture and deep seated tensions.

  • 3 days/2 nights Garden Villa accommodation
  • Healthy daily breakfast
  • Escorted return transfers (Caticlan Airport)
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi and use of our extensive wellness media library
  • 2 Yoga classes with a personal instructor
  • Personalized yoga sweat mat
  • Daily massages, a choice between a Mandala Signature Massage All-Natural Facial or Floral Bath
  • Free laundry service
  • 10% discount on all additional spa treatments
  • Rate: $530++ single, $320++ double

5 Days: Submerge and Learn
This vacation offers you a key to happier and healthier life. Yogic breathing is said to be the elixir of life, it is the most important aspect of yoga and the most vital process in life. Learn how to use your lungs to their fullest potential and practice Pranayama under the guidance of your personal teacher.

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7 Days: Emerge and Revive
Meditation is a most common tool in Yogic life; it calms the mind and strengthens the concentration thus enhancing your vitality. Using meditation in the right way results in greater balance between business and personal life, and will have many beneficial effects on your overall well-being.

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What you can expect:

Daily Wellbeing

Your resort villa comes with one daily Mandala Qi Massage and daily yoga classes for two. Mandala Spa and Villas Boracay is the highest awarded destination spa in the Philippines with the gift of caring therapists always at your fingertips. We are the only holistic wellness institution in Boracay that offers Detox and Cleanse Holidays.

Eco-Conscious Elegance

We received the ASEAN Green Hotel Award 2012 - 2014 and the only TUV Rheinland certified eco-spa. A tree  is planted on your name for every room night booked. Commune with nature whilst delighting in an Antonio Citterio Italian designer bathroom and enjoy our zero-carbon emission native sailing boat transfers. 

The Sweet Life

Benefit from the healthy environment with daily complimentary a la cart breakfast and eat all you can mangoes. Get connected with the free use of Wi-Fi and media library. Stay in and enjoy our room service from Boracay's finest restaurants.



  • I have to say this is a wonderful and beautiful place. I think the ginger slush was very tasty, so yummy. The employees are nice very.

    - Pia Garcia right

  • Bing and I really enjoyed our stay in Mandala Spa. The staff is very friendly and helpful to care for anything needed starting each day with yoga class, followed by a relaxing healthy breakfast. It was a great beginning.

    - Harry, L.A., USA right

  • The jewel in the crown of Boracay. A rare find friendly staff, great service and a tranquil setting. AAA+ for us.

    - Troy & Connie, Brisbane, Q.L.D Australia right

  • We've arrived and stumbled upon an eye-popping place. While walking into our room, my mouth opened automatically to drip the words "AMAZING". My first time in Boracay already seems wonderful, even if the adventure has just started. The staff are simply gentle and kind with an attitude that makes you feel like you've come home because they leave a warm feeling. Makes you feel good don't it? If I return, and hopefully I will soon, I'll be wanting to stay here again with my family altogether.
    Words to describe Mandala Spa:

    - Charel Garcia, Maui, Hawaii right

  • Matt & I had such a fabulous time here at Mandala and Boracay! The staff and facilities were nice and we both enjoyed our 4 hour spa treatments. Absolutely heaven! We will definitely be returning to the Mandala Spa & Villas on out next trip to Boracay!

    - Heidi and Matt, Milwaukee, WL, USA right

  • My girlfriend & I had the most wonderful time here at Mandala. It is indeed the place to stay here in Boracay and we definitely will be coming back here in Mandala for our next holiday in Boracay. Great staff & nice environment! P.S. Our message last night was perfect! It made our stay more relaxing and peaceful!

    - Izza and Analiza right

  • Some reflections on our stay in Mandala…
    -very inviting for couples but children loved it too!
    -very cordial staff
    -great vegetarian food
    -soothing bath oils!
    -wonderful nature ambiance
    -great interiors!
    Hope you'll consider having kids (formally) around. If peace & serenity were after, you can just look at children's eyes and you'll surely have peace. Maybe next time we won't have to "ssshhh" them everytime they make sudden loud noises. They enjoyed it here very much more as we adults did. Thanks, Mandala!

    - Heidi and Matt, Milwaukee, WL, USA right

  • Thanks to the staff of Mandala! You're nice, friendly and very helpful. I truly enjoyed! What a pity that the facility is not quite good, especially the water supply. right

  • Lovely stay. Very relaxing. Perfect design concepts for the spa rooms. Chef cooked great food. Yoga classes were catered to my specific needs. Definitely coming back & recommending to friends.

    - A. Valentine right

  • We came to Mandala for our honeyoon & it has been everything that we had hoped & more. We booked the romantic blessings package which meant that the amazing & friendly Greg & fan looked after us for breakfast & dinner everyday. We were also treated to a different treatment almost everyday. We loved out stay here & do not want to leave. We will definitely be back! Thanks to all of the amazing staff who made out stay such a pleasure.

    - Quinten & Anya, Brisbane, Australia right

  • My husband and I spend 11 marvellous days (5 of them in gorgeous pool villa) in Mandala. Without hesitations we'll advise this place as the best site in the Philippines (and even in Asia) to all out friends. Thanks to all the staff, esp. Mr. Fan for breakfasts and surely the beloved Greg! Hope we'll be back soon!

    - Anna & Roman, Moscow and Vologda, Russia right

  • Thank you Mandala! It was a really good place to stay and we were happy to be served by your polite employees. Hoping to see you again in the future! More powere!

    - Richard Guerrero & Mercy Roaring right

  • Love is in the air! Thank you very much! My experience here is the best that I have ever had in my life. Thank you Mandala, you have made my life meaningful during my stay.

    - Ver right

  • Thank you so much for the fabulous time. It is truly awesome here. It's like a dream come true for people who seek, health and wellness and trying to re-connect with nature & their soul while cleansing out their bodies and minds. Plus, I love the people here, always smiling and service is excellent. Thank you so much!

    - Liting & Susan right

  • We enjoyed our stay here a lot. The villas are great, the service is excellent. We could stay here forever. Thank you very much for making our stay unforgettable.

    - Jika & Chris right

  • Finally its 2011 and I can honestly say I have never found a better way to start it. Mandala spa rules!

    - Xoxo Shaidaa right

  • This has been of the most memorable vacations I've ever had. I would like to thank all of you. No exceptions, from all my heart and hope I wasn't a burden to anyone.

    - Xoxo Shahlaa, from Saudi right

  • Special thanks to Ms. Mo-Ching for her exceptional and tailored program. I'm very grateful for the great time, place & staff of Mandala. What a great way to start my new 2011 year. Thank you!

    - Shaima right

  • Truly, I don't think words would do any justice trying to convey my experience here! During my stay for my 11 days Ultimate Detox program, I experienced healing, cleansing, refreshing & relaxing effects that exceeded my expectations. A magical rejuvenating experience for the whole body, mind & soul. I love the staff with their superior services and warm smiles. They are a bunch of positive energy floating around ready to meet your demands. To get a taste of peace, serenity, harmony, tranquillity & Lots of love… This is the Place to be.


  • This is heaven on earth! Thanks to all the staff for making this short stay really special. I would come back here son!

    - Marcus right

  • Had a super good time in Mandala!

    - Kai Chi, Taiwan right

  • Had a great time with my sister and friend here before I study in UK. Hope to come here again soon.

    - Chris Chen, Taiwan right

  • Had a wonderful time in Mandala.

    - Li Chun Chen, Taiwan right

  • Zen Garden…
    Heaven on earth… Thanks cousin Jove & Tito Dieter. You guys are great!
    Ich Lieve Dich…

    - Art & Yayie right

  • Mandala is a great place to be in. The place is great, the garden and the experience is exceptional. Thank you!

    - Sheila & Andrie right

  • Jane, Eartha and Noreem will always treasure their experience here at Mandala.


  • I had a great time here in Mandla Spa. The once of a kind treatment , the friendly with warm smile staff, excellent service and of course the comfortable, spacious villas. Mandala spa is truly one of the best in Asia. Thank you!

    - Vivian Hahlou and family (Kassi and Max) right

  • My stay in my villa was wonderful! It is really a place for comfort & relaxation! The yoga classes were excellent and the people were all very friendly & ready with a smile. Can't wait to have my spa treatment later! Thank you for making this place a paradise on earth! I will surely recommend this place to my friends and family. P.S . This is one of the best birthday gifts I've received. Thank God , my family & friends for all the blessings! The hibiscus flowers in the room really add a nice touch to this tropical sanctuary.

    - Geraldine Dayang, N.Y, USA right

  • We spent a memorable day here. Short but beautiful. The staff were friendly, polite and really helpful. Mandala is the Shangri-la of Boracay!

    - Ding & Debby, Shanghai right

  • My favorite memory in Boracay will be all of the here "Mandala". It's very historical, exotic, and Romantic. I wanna bring the chair in Terrase to the Korea!!!


  • My "Mandala Memories" are priceless!
    I love to feature Mandala Spa & Villas again – this time with GMA worldwide so the world may know what they're missing!
    More powers!

    - Tec Concepcion right

  • This place is awesome!
    Very relaxing and well worth it!

    - Brian and Gretel Ness, Battle Ground, WA right

  • Here is real paradise.
    Breeze, fresh air, blue ocean.
    Very fantastic area.
    I want catching to time.
    Because endless to happy and like a life.

    - From Korea right

  • The Mandala was the perfect end to my holiday in Boracay. Lovely facilities and beautiful guest atmosphere. Truly amazing.


  • Unforgettable experience at Mandala!
    All staff are nice. Bun (Phan), Greg, Glen and Yoga teacher…
    Wonderful place, weather & ppl here.

  • The place is very amazing and fabulous. It was my very wonderful Holiday in Boracay. Hope to visit the place again.

    - Vic right

  • I have nothing to question about the service! The place in very good and amazing place while you are stay here you look like a fairy and Adam & Eve.

    - Feil right

  • Very tranquil and relaxing, All staff were prompt and accommodating. Love the MSM and watsu. Breakfast was a great way start to the day. Book spa treatments early to be sure you get what you want.

    - Nang + Arlene (USA) right

  • A corner stone in my life was achieved here at Mandala with the support and love of the wonderful team here.
    Thanks to all
    Love & Light to you all

    - Carl. Xx right

  • We have absolutely loved our stay here in Mandala! It was relaxing, refreshing, and exactly the speed we were looking for an "oasis" in our hectic lives. We loved the staff their sincerity made the saty all the better!!! Your conscience towards the earth & humanity are incredible. Many thanks!

    - Piet & Kevin right

  • Very beautiful place.

  • Boracay was a fantastic & magical experience. We thoroughly enjoyed the amenitites and service provided @ Mandala. Hope to be back soon…

    - Guga + Mimi, LA, USA right